Stay Interview Program with College of Medicine

Thank you for your interest in the College of Medicine’s Stay Interview Program. Our team understands that it is vital to build a strong community culture by identifying specific components of employee’s engagement and retention. We are excited to provide faculty and staff the opportunity to yield meaningful feedback on their first year of working within the College. Identifying and retaining our top talent is essential as UF Health continues to grow across the State of Florida. The Stay Interview Program within COM will allow employees to communicate effectively with leadership. Contact our team with inquiries at

Information for Employees

Upon your one year anniversary of working within College of Medicine as a full-time employee, you will receive an email from COM inviting you to complete a short survey. The comments that you provide in the survey will be confidential and reviewed as a collective group periodically. We have created an environment where you are a valued contributor. We hope that you will seize this opportunity to share from your unique viewpoint what you are passionate about, what is going well (and not so well), how you are being supported, and where you would like to develop further in your position. Please keep an eye out for your email invitation.

Information for Supervisors

Employee turnover can be a negative driver for team and community success. Therefore, it is fundamental that we work together to keep valuable employees engaged each and every day. Our team will email full-time employees completing their first year a short survey to gather their input on their passions, what is going well (and not so well), support systems in their role, and future development aspirations. Please provide time to your employees and encourage them in completing the survey. The data collected from this process will continue to positively drive job satisfaction, engagement, and retention among all employees in our College.