Special Pay Increases

Special Pay Increase Process for Faculty–

Complete a Salary Increase Request Form and have the Department Chair approve.

Submit the form via scan to COMFS-SPI-RCL@comfs.ufl.edu

  • Requests for counter offer will be considered at the time of the outside offer. The request must include information regarding the salary being offered and the prospective employer. A letter of offer received by the employee from the perspective employer, if available, also should be submitted with the request.
  • Special pay increases for reasons other than counter offer will be reviewed once per month after the first day of the month in which the request was received.  Therefore, a request submitted on January 2nd would not be reviewed until after February 1st.

Departments/work units will be notified of the status of their requests following the Office of the Dean’s review. A request will be effective after all required approvals have been obtained. College of Medicine departments/work units also must include such approved requests in their respective annual budgets for the next fiscal year.