Basic Science Faculty


A comprehensive disability plan provided by the College of Medicine to all eligible faculty of the University of Florida.

Eligible faculty are M.D.’s or Ph.D.’s ranked Lecturer and above and appointed at 0.75 FTE or higher. Visiting faculty are also included provided they meet the above criteria.

This policy is underwritten by The Standard Insurance Company and is designed to offset the economic impact brought about by total or partial long-term disability. The benefits as set forth under this policy will begin after the insured’s sixth month of total or partial disability. The maximum benefit period is based on your age at the time of disability. The monthly income benefit is equal to 60% of the monthly salary to a maximum benefit of $15,000 per month. Benefits are received on a tax-free basis.

There is no offset until benefits from The Standard, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, the Teacher’s Retirement System or any other group disability compensations exceed 70% of the monthly salary, in which case the benefit is reduced to a level equal with 70% of the monthly salary.