Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the UF College of Medicine.


The first step will be to coordinate with one of our departments to begin the application process. The application will require the following:

For more information for volunteering

Please contact:
University of Florida
College of Medicine-Human Resources
Office: 352-273-9900
Email: hr@comfs.ufl.edu

Shadowing/Observing (6 months or less)

Please keep in mind that the maximum amount of time individuals are allowed to observe has been extended to 6 consecutive months. Within this 6 month period, observers can shadow as many faculty members as they would like so long as they submit their approval as well. Once you have all of the required documents, feel free to scan them and send them to the email address listed below.

More information on shadowing can be found at privacy.ufl.edu.

For more information for shadowing/observing

Please contact:
University of Florida
College of Medicine
Physicians Office: 352-265-7987
Email: Observe-UFHealth@ufl.edu