Medical Faculty Certificate


The Office of the Dean (Administrative Affairs) will obtain a medical faculty certificate for an incoming faculty member if the following information has been provided.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements

    1. Total fee of $1,179 – (Application fee $500/ Certification/Activation fee $424/Unlicensed activity fee $5/Fingerprints/NICA fee $250 for a total of $1,179)
    2. Is at least 21 years of age
    3. Is of good moral character
    4. Has not committed any act or offense in any jurisdiction which constitute the basis for disciplinary action.
    5. Is a graduate of an accredited medical school or its equivalent,or is a graduate of foreign medical school listed with the World Health Organization.
    6. For any applicant who has graduated from medical school after October 1, 1992, has completed, before entering medical school, the equivalent of 2 academic years of preprofessional, postsecondary education, as determined by rule of the Board, which must include, at a minimum, courses in such fields as anatomy, biology, and chemistry.
    7. Has completed an approved residency or fellowship of at least one year, or has received training which has been determined by the board to be equivalent to the 1-year residency requirement.
    8. Holds a valid, current license to practice medicine in another jurisdiction (please note that this license must remain active in order to maintain or renew a valid Medical Faculty Certificate). Written verification of active license must be forwarded by the respective board to the Florida Board of Medicine.
    9. Has been offered and has accepted a full time faculty positon to teach in a program of medicine here at the University of Florida

Application Process: Upon receipt of a request for the issuance of a medical faculty certificate, review is made for completeness of supporting documentation of eligibility ( fulfillment of minimum statutory requirements).

    1. Fee (see above)
    2. Request for issuance of medical faculty certificate must be submitted by the Dean of an accredited Florida medical school.
    3. Copy of medical school diploma.
    4. Copy of certificate of completion of internship/residency, and letter from program director where trained, certifying applicant has satisfactorily completed same. The specific period of time needs to be specified and a minimum of 12 months is required. If notarized, notary must state that they are true and correct copies of the original.
    5. Letters of recommendation from two physicians addressed to: Department of Health, Florida Board of Medicine, Bin # C03, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1753
    6. Certified transcripts from all medical schools attended, with certified translations if applicable.
    7. Written verification of any states currently or previously licensed must be obtained. (Also, applicant must write letter notifying Florida Board of all states licensed in, past or present).
    8. A recent photograph (less than six months old) which is not on Polaroid or polarcolor paper.
    9. Applicant will be required to submit confirmation of completion of a HIV/AIDS and related infections including TB course with a minimum of three (3) hours, approved for AMA Category I credit) subsequent to January 1, 1988, two (2) hours of Preventon of Medical Errors subsequent to June 1, 2002 and a minimum of one (1) hour in Domestic Violence (subsequent to July 1, 1995). A Temporary Teaching Certificate will not be issued unless the applicant has completed this requirement or is able to provide a notarized affidavit showing good cause that he/she should be allowed additional time not to exceed six (6) months, to complete such requirements.
    10. Any applicant with a name change (marriage, adoption, etc.) must submit notarized copies of legal documents (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.)
    11. Any applicant will be required to submit date of birth, place of birth and social security number.
    12. Any applicant must submit a notarized Financial Responsibilty/HIV/Domestic Violence/Prevention of Medical Errors Form.
    13. Any applicant must submit a request to AMA for Profile (to be sent to Florida Board by AMA).
    14. Any applicant must submit a properly executed fingerprint card.
    15. Any applicant will be required to request a copy of available information from the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Certification Process

  1. All requests for issuance of a medical faculty certificate are presented to the Board for certification or denial of certification.
  2. Final Orders are issued by the Board to those applicants who fail to meet the minimum statutory requirements for certification.
  3. Certificates are issued by the Board office and submitted to the Dean of the appropriate Florida medical school together with information required for renewal of such certificate. Copies of all such material is provided to the holder of the certificate.
  4. Medical faculty certificates shall automatically expire when the holder’s relationship with the medical school is terminated or after a period of two years, whichever occurs sooner.
  5. The Dean may request from the Florida Board a limited number of Medical Faculty Certificate renewals. Any extension request must be made by the Department Chair and will be reviewed/approved on a case-by-case basis.