COM-HR Newsletter…coming soon!

we want your feedback flyer

As part of our commitment to provide ample communication and support to all COM departments and administrators, we are eager to seek your input.  Your response to the 5-minute survey below will help in the usage, design, and content development for the creation of our COM-HR newsletter.  The purpose of this internal communication tool will be to provide specialized information:

  • highlighting a variety of HR topics of interest
  • featuring “what’s new” and updates across COM
  • providing an opportunity to highlight employee recognitions
  • fostering a greater sense of community across departments

This newsletter will be a COM-HR focused publication, inclusive of your needs and ideas.  In fact, we welcome your suggestions for possible topics like: employee spotlight to get to know someone from the COM-HR team, department features, regular process updates, and sharing of best practices.  Plus, you will also have an opportunity to suggest a suitable name for our publication!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide us with your valuable feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

COM Newsletter Input